We have gathered 10 special tips to help you get rid of humidity in your book and document storage area that way your document restoration job will not come anytime soon.

1 – The books and documents must be constantly handled.

The turning of the pages oxygenates the material and prevents the accumulation of microorganisms that attack the role and collaborates so that the leaves do not get dried out and brittle. Skim through the book and documents every once in a while and make sure to check the shelves for humidity. If needed do document drying as soon as possible.

2 – Do not store the books or documents packed in plastic bags or cloaked in brown paper.

The plastic bag prevents proper breathing of the paper. And the brown paper generates more harm than good to the book or documents, to be acidic in nature, transmits its acid content for materials that are in direct contact with the paper. If you did that make sure to do document drying immediately, otherwise you might lose your documents.see more tips here!

3 – Make an annual survey.

Remove all the documents; wipe them with a dry cloth. Clean the shelves with a damp cloth. Avoid running strong products like furniture polish, as their residues can infiltrate the paper.

4 – Cabinets and shelving should be clean and always receive fresh air.

Closed shelves should be periodically opened. Always leave a space between shelves and wall, it can transmit moisture to the books or documents, and with moisture, fungi arise.

5 – Prefer metal shelves.

Metal shelves are preferable from the point of view of conservation of documents. Wooden shelving, consider coat the racks with glass. Do not use oil-based paints.

6 – Do not use paperclips.

The metal oxidation process stains and spoils the paper, always prefer bookmarks.

7 –Keep books and documents in upright position.

Never store inclined books, dressers can keep them straight. When you do that you avoid document restoration. If you leave them horizontally, do not exceed the limit of 4 stacked books or folders. On the shelf, the books should be loose and so should your document folders. They are easily removed, last longer. Tablets on the shelves induce its withdrawal improperly, which damages the binding. Tight books also favor the appearance of termites – just like any paper.

8 – Direct Sunshine – no way.

The sun fades and warps the covers.

9 – Hygiene.

Wash and dry your hands before you flip through your documents, since greasy hands contribute to accelerating the decomposition of the paper. Avoid moisten your fingertips with saliva to turn the pages. Never feed near books or papers. Never pass damp cloth to wipe the book covers only dry cloth. This will help you save cash with document restoration.go to this website for more details.

10 – Repairs


Do not use tapes and crepes type cellophane tape to prevent the loss of a fragment of volume degradation. These materials have high acidity and cause irreversible spots where applied.


In order to stay away from document restoration, follow our tips and see how your papers, books and documents will always be in great shape.

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