What To Do When A Home Suffers From Water Damage in Miami

Flash floods or sudden floods occur more frequently in steep areas, mountainous areas, or even in places near the sea and beaches. Water damage Miami is a great example of place where this type of natural accident may happen.

They happen by the presence of large amounts of water in a short time, which means it is impossible to avoid it. They are frequent in rivers, mountain areas with enough slope and deep valleys. Often, rainy waters drag land without vegetation, occurring landslides along river banks. A lot of water and dragged materials represent, as draining, great destructive power. Also, when there is just water some damage is also caused.

Miami water damage is there for you.

Many people die each year by floods, others lose part or all of the family assets reached over the years of work and effort.visit here for more info!

What should we do to prevent flooding then?

• Do not build near streams or on top of cliffs that can slip, so you can slide your home;

• Not build under bounds that can slide, burying his house;

• Deposit the waste in an appropriate place;

• Where necessary request to the city hall to clean the pickup boxes (culverts), which is the accumulation of (vegetable waste, plastic, paper etc.) that can block the flow of water when the water damage Miami happens.

• Do not put building materials (sand, stone) on the street and in the area of the sidewalk, as they may be washed away by the floods and block the tubes due to the accumulation;

• Clean the roof and water channels to prevent blockage;

What should you do to check the risk of flooding?

• Do not leave children locked at home alone;

• Keep ready drinking water, clothing and medicines, if you need to quickly get out of your home;

• Meet the Emergency Unit that is closest to your home, you may need help;

• If possible tell your neighbors about the danger in the case of sliding homes;

• First of all, save and protect your life, your family and friends. If you need to remove something from your home after flooding, ask the DEFENCE AND FIRE DEPARTMENT;

• Place valuable documents and objects in a zip lock bag and protected site;

• Have a planned and safe place where you and your family can stay in the case of a flood;

• Disconnect electrical appliances from the electrical current to prevent short circuits in the making;

What should we do after the flood?

• First of all contact water damage Miami.

• Wash and disinfect objects that have been in contact with flood waters;

• Remove all trash from the house and the yard and place for public cleaning;continue reading this updated site http://www.startribune.com/home-of-the-month-in-north-oaks-unexpected-water-damage-created-opportunity-to-rebuild-from-the-inside-out/338784811/#1

• Beware of spiders, snakes and rats, move objects, furniture and fixtures, as they seek refuge in places;

• Never drink water and / or consume food that came in contact with flood or flood;

Home Suffers From Water Damage

• Drinking water: boiled or treated with bleach; (2 drops of bleach to 1 l of water), hypochlorite (1 drop of sodium hypochlorite to 1Lt of water), in both cases let it stand for 30 minutes to disinfect;

Water for cleaning: bleach (1 Lt bleach to 5 l of water), hypochlorite (1 Lt of sodium hypochlorite for 20 l of water).

Also make sure to have a specialized team such as water damage Miami beside you to get back to your normal safe routine.

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